A performer and master teacher for over 40 years, Sango has started and nurtured many congeros on their paths.  He continues to teach in the traditions gifted to him from age 11 by “Pablo” Richard Landrum, a master congero, batalero and babalau. 
Sango has performed on Broadway, toured internationally and delivered lecture/demonstrations across the U.S.  His field studies in Cuba resulted in transcriptions of sacred bata drum rhythms and a Masters degree in ethnomusicology from the University of Hawai’i in 2003.  He maintains residences in New York and Hawaii, performing, teaching and continuing his studies. 
Sango has worked with gifted, specially challenged and troubled youth, early childhood educators and many other adults and children in widely varied settings.  He is available for rousing team building sessions and conventions as well as for mellow background sounds at receptions and parties.
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Sango plays Volcano Percussion conga drums and is the Artistic Director of the Liberation Ensemble.  

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